3 November, 2021

Chile delivers Long-Term Climate Strategy to the UN Executive Secretary of Climate Change

Minister of the Environment and former President of COP25, Carolina Schmidt – accompanied by her colleagues from Science and Mining and Energy of Chile – met with the executive secretary of UN Convention on Climate Change and presented the roadmap, which sets out how Chile will become carbon neutral and climate resilient no later than […]

18 May, 2020

Chile begins the participatory elaboration of it Long-Term Climate Strategy

With the aim of establishing actions to combat climate change as a state policy, the Ministry of the Environment kicked off a new stakeholder engagement process to develop the Long-Term Climate Strategy (LTCS) from Chile –  an instrument that will define, over a 30-year timeline, the way forward in the transition to emission neutral and […]

9 April, 2020

Chile launches the update of its emissions reduction commitment and measures to face climate change

The Environment Minister, Carolina Schmidt, asserted that the enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) lays the way for the country to advance at pace with the transition to a low-emission and climate-resilient economy, bringing significant social, environmental and economic benefits to improve standards of living. The Minister for Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, stressed that “achieving Carbon […]